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The vision of the Worldwide Kenpo Karate Association (WKKA) is to preserve the art of Kenpo and provide an international platform for the growth and advancement of Kenpo. The WKKA was founded by Joe Palanzo, who was a  protégé of Ed Parker.


I come to you with only Karate, empty hands. I have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself, my principles or my honor, should it be a matter of life or death, of right or wrong; then here are my weapons, Karate, my empty hands.

-Ed Parker

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Want to Enhance Your Training? 

American Kenpo Karate: Its Key Principles and Rules is that map for the Kenpo practitioner. This book explores the five key principles that are the reasons behind the physical movements encompassed by this martial arts system. Just because a movement involves a kick or a punch, it isn’t necessarily karate, let alone American Kenpo. With that map, it is difficult to get off the track.


Over 200 photographs demonstrate the concepts within this book, which was written so that anyone, martial artists and non-martial artists alike, can understand and appreciate it.


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